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Online Healthcare for Canadians

We are a Canadian telemedicine company providing medical virtual consultations for minor illnesses via phone or through face-to-face virtual technology.

At GOeVisit, we strive to deliver the highest quality of online patient care available, with an unsurpassed level of convenience. Safe and affordable, the GOeVisit team of medical practitioners can provide diagnosis, alternate remedies and/or prescriptions for over 80 conditions. Our dedicated medical professionals are available anytime and are ready to provide you with their knowledge and care whenever you need it, from wherever you are.

Mother and daughter video conferencing with a doctor
Doctor's sethoscope around tablet

Online Medical Care

We provide live medical consultations via your computer, tablet or smartphone,

Doctor's sethoscope around tablet

Online Prescriptions

At GOeVisit, we make patient health and customer care top priorities. That’s why we and our service partners offer time and cost-saving measures that are unsurpassed in Canada. Our pharmacy partner's use of robotic dispensing technology allows for less time sorting medication and more time focusing on customers, creating a simple, convenient way to get your prescriptions filled. And with free, next business day shipping right to your door, you have more time to focus on the moments that matter in your life.

Doctor's sethoscope around tablet

Patient Follow-Ups

We offer timely client follow-ups to see if the patient is improving.


  • GOeVisit is a safe, affordable and convenient alternative for Canadians or visitors to Canada who are seeking medical attention.

  • We offer a quality, secure medical consultation for minor illnesses that you can access from home, the office or while traveling.

  • Using current communication technology, you can turn your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone into a private consultation platform.

  • We offer alternative therapies as well as a prescription service normally provided by standard medical visits.

  • We can help lower the cost of prescriptions by as much as 40%, a tremendous saving for your business or pocketbook.

  • Our immediate virtual medical service can help you save time and reduce the stress of appointment scheduling and undiagnosed conditions.

  • Our program may qualify for a Health Spending Account (HSA), Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) and/or extended medical benefit plans.

Who do we serve?

  • Families with young children

  • Employers and employees

  • Executives

  • Inpatriates (foreigners living in Canada)

  • International students studying in Canada

  • Rural residents miles from access to medical services

  • 4-5 million Canadians without a family doctor

  • International visitors to Canada

  • Anyone wanting the convenience of an immediate medical consultation

Our intelligent and friendly medical practitioners are waiting to hear from you. On demand access with a medical professional... It’s easy.