About GOeVisit

About GOeVisit

At MMi, we envisioned a system where Canadians could connect with a medical provider for diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses. We envisioned this happening without having to leave their home or office, without having to drive and park and without having to wait.

MyCare MedTech Inc. (MMi) is a virtual healthcare company utilizing leading edge communication technology to deliver virtual medical consultations with licensed healthcare providers for minor illnesses. MMi was developed by its affiliated organization, Assured Diagnosis Inc. (ADI). ADI has a direct contractual relationship with Mayo Clinic and is the owner of MyCare Insurance and MyCare Employee Group Benefit programs. MyCare programs offer Canadians a direct connection to Mayo Clinic for initial diagnosis assistance, medical second opinions and treatment options.

MMi utilizes the latest in virtual consultation software and virtual practice guidelines. Medical file information is held in Canada in a regulatory compliant data centre. This ensures a virtual medical consultation is available via online computer or smartphone technology from where a client works, lives or travels and that the consultation is guaranteed secure and private.

GOeVisit collects only the information absolutely necessary to deliver our service effectively. Your personal information and eVisit details are confidential and protected in a secure manner.

Transmitted information is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the same security used in banking. We ensure that your login credentials are securely collected and stored following industry standards. GOeVisit storage is HL7 and HIPAA compliant

GOeVisit is a registered trademark of MyCare MedTech Inc.

About GOeVisit's Consultations

GOeVisit can diagnose, treat and prescribe for more than 450 minor illnesses ranging from coughs, colds and flu, to general medical concerns, minor injuries and pediatric care, all through a mobile app. Patients complete a quick upfront assessment, which includes questions about current symptoms and medical history. The medical provider connects with the patient to determine diagnosis and create a treatment plan, issuing prescriptions where needed. You don't have to make an appointment, sit in a clinic waiting room, or even leave your home, office or hotel room!