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GOeVisit SmartExam lets you connect online with a medical practitioner wherever you are, 24/7.

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GOeVisit SmartExam is unlike any virtual care delivery service in Canada. Connect with medical practitioners using any mobile device; securely, privately and confidentially.

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    Take a SmartExam clinical interview and describe your symptoms right from your phone, tablet or computer.

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    Receive a diagnosis and treatment plan from a Canadian medical practitioner.

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    An after visit summary is automatically sent to you via a secure link with details of your visit and treatment plan. Prescriptions, if needed, are automatically delivered to your pharmacy of choice.

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    If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.

    Please be advised that GOeVisit does not prescribe controlled medications.

    Service not available to Quebec residents.

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Skip the waiting room

GOeVisit SmartExam can help mulitple patients at the same time, eliminating a virtual waiting room. SmartExam allows patients to get care for over 300 minor illnesses quickly and conveniently, freeing up valuable in-clinic or emergency waiting room capacity to address higher-complexity conditions faster.

Receive a diagnosis and treatment in minutes

Patients complete an adaptive, dynamic clinical interview which the provider reviews to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. The interactive clinical interview includes questions about current symptoms and medical history, and the patient receives a response from a medical provider within 15 minutes.

Benefits of GOeVisit


Get care from anywhere and on your schedule.


Receive care 24/7, within minutes and without sitting in a waiting room or missing out on life events.


Your personal health information is securely stored and is HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant.

Trusted by Thousands

Complete care for your minor illnesses, from your trusted team at GOeVisit.

2019 Pricing

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Service not available to Quebec residents

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Featured Provider

Manuel James, Nurse Practitioner

Manuel James is a nurse practitioner with 30 years nursing experience and over 10 years as a family nurse practitioner. He has a masters degree of nursing-nurse practitioner and a doctorate degree in nursing practice (DNP) from the United States. He has worked in many different areas in the rural, urban and remote areas of Canada, currently working as nurse practitioner in Saskatchewan Manuel has taken several training courses in clinical care of chronic patients and acute illness management.

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