What is Virtual Healthcare?

Care Anytime, Anywhere!

Today's world is mobile. With increasing wait times to receive care for minor illness conditions and the current strain on our Canadian healthcare system, Canadians looking for fast and efficient healthcare are turning to technology for healthcare access.

With swift developing capabilities of mobile telecommunications and artificial intelligence, virtual healthcare is revolutionizing the way patients and healthcare practitioners connect.

Medical professionals have been using virtual healthcare (also known as telemedicine) for years. GOeVisit has revolutionized the virtual healthcare platform and gives patients access to care the way they want it, when they want it. Through any mobile device.

Most minor illness conditions do not require an in-person visit, based on symptoms that patients describe to providers. GOeVisit SmartExam can diagnose, treat and prescribe for more than 450 minor illnesses ranging from coughs, colds and flu, to general medical concerns, minor injuries and pediatric care, all through a mobile app, 24/7.

The intelligent software dynamically interviews patients, using the patient's answers to gather more, relevant information and support providers in the care delivery process. SmartExam's artificial intelligence capabilities result in more thorough patient interviews than in-person, or video-based remote care solutions.

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