How it works

Receiving Care with GOeVisit is Easy!

Quality healthcare is important, but not always convenient. With GOeVisit, receive virtual care from your smartphone, tablet or computer in minutes, anytime, anywhere. Just follow 4 simple steps!

With GOeVisit Virtual Healthcare, recieve a diagnosis and treatment plan in minutes!

Feeling better with GOeVisit is easy!

  • 1

    Download the free GOeVisit App...and get your first visit on us!

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    Take a SmartExam clinical interview and describe your symptoms right from your phone, tablet or computer.

  • 3

    Receive a diagnosis and treatment plan from a Canadian medical practitioner.

  • 4

    An after visit summary is automatically sent to you via a secure link with details of your visit and treatment plan. Prescriptions, if needed, are automatically delivered to your pharmacy of choice.

  • 5

    If you believe you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.

    Please be advised that GOeVisit does not prescribe controlled medications.

    Service not available to Quebec residents.

Benefits of GOeVisit


Get care from anywhere and on your schedule.


Receive care 24/7, within minutes and without sitting in a waiting room or missing out on life events.


Your personal health information is securely stored and is HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant.

Trusted by Thousands

Complete care for your minor illnesses, from your trusted team at GOeVisit.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Access to medical practitioners 24/7

Get your first GOeVisit FREE!

Canadian Residents

Wait Time: 0 mins

Clinical Interview Time: 3-5 mins

Practitioner Response: 15 mins

RX Submission Time: 0 mins

# of Ailments: 300+




per visit

International Visitors to Canada

Wait Time: 0 mins

Session Time: 3-5 mins

Practitioner Response: 15 mins

RX Submission Time: 0 mins

# of Ailments: 300+


per visit

Download the free GOeVisit App