Seniors Health & Safety

Author: GOeBlogger

August 25, 2021

During the hotter summer months it's important to make sure senior family members are keeping cool and staying hydrated. This past July, BC saw 815 deaths due to the heat wave, with over 79% of those deaths being people over the age of 65. It can be easy to forget that as we get older, seniors and the elderly are more vulnerable to extreme changes in temperature. We've included a few ideas here on how to help stay cool during the summer:

  • Stay well hydrated. Try making cooling homemade treats like popsicles, flavoured iced water, or flavoured ice cubes to spruce up a drink.
  • Eat light cold meals like chicken or pasta salad. Our bodies tend to create more heat when digesting high protein foods in particular, so best to avoid consuming too much meat during hot days.
  • Place a cold damp washcloth on the back of the neck, or hang a damp towel on top of a fan.
  • Keep the house cool by closing the shades during the hottest part of the day (12-4pm).
  • Wear lightweight clothing such as cotton or linen, in light colors that don’t absorb heat.

As we enjoy the last weeks of summer and transition into autumn, check in with the seniors in your life and help get them ready for the fall:

  • Help rake and bag leaves. These physical tasks require more bending and lifting, which can cause back injuries and strains for some.
  • Schedule yearly doctor checkups and make sure all medications are up-to-date.
  • Book a flu-shot. As we are seeing with COVID-19, vaccines are effective and work to prevent sickness. Make sure to schedule an appointment for your loved one.
  • Vehicle maintenance. It’s a good idea to do these maintenance checks: Make sure the oil is changed, ensure all the lights are functioning properly, maintain tire pressure, and replace windshield wipers.
  • Schedule regular maintenance for heating systems and ensure they are in proper working order for the coming months.
  • Stock up on ice salt for the winter months if necessary.
  • Check and replace batteries in fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and flashlights. Replace any burnt out lightbulbs as well.
  • Stock up on cold medication like cough syrup, advil, tylenol, and herbal teas.

If you have questions or concerns about the health and wellness of a senior or elderly person in your life, consider booking an appointment with one of our GOeVisit practitioners!




GOeBlogger is a health enthusiast and avid reader living and thriving in vibrant Vancouver. When she's not nerding out at her laptop, you can find her exploring the beautiful BC coastline with her dog.