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GOeVisit SmartExam's artificial intellegence capabilities result in more thorough patient interviews than in-person or video-based remote care solutions.

SmartExam's intelligent software acts as a virtual physician's assistant, dynamically conducting a clinical interview and using the patients' answers to gather relevant information to support medical practitioners in the delivery of virtual care. Patients complete an interactive clinical interview that includes questions about current symptoms and medical history, and receives a response from a medical practitioner within 15 minutes.

Medical consults are delivered by licensed Canadian medical practitioners who specialize in the delivery of virtual care. Our MP's can diagnose, treat and prescribe more than 450 minor illness conditions.


Get care anytime, from anywhere, in minutes.


All health information is safely stored and is HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant.


A tailored diagnosis and treatment plan to fit your needs.


Get care in minutes from anywhere and on your schedule.

Grade A Care

Quality care for your condition, from your trusted team at GOeVisit.


$49.95 or less - your least expensive path to care.

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