Partners in Health

GOeVisit is proud to showcase our partnerships with health leaders across Canada. As a GOeVisit member, you get exclusive offers and access to our partners!

  • Phzio

    Are you feeling tightness, soreness or weakness? Phzio can help! Phzio initiates a live video call with a registered physiotherapist (PT) who will assess your condition. A customized treatment plan is created for you by your PT, who will then monitor you in real time while you are performing your exercises. Booking with Phzio is easy and convenient; typically you can be seen by a PT within 24 hours of your booking.

  • DermCafé

    Wouldn't it be nice if a dermatology appointment was as simple and hassle-free as grabbing a coffee with an old friend?​ By leveraging modern technology, DermCafé will return the focus of dermatologic care back to what's important: the patient! From effortless appointment management, to convenient video visits, your entire experience can be entirely managed in the palm of your hand. ​No long waitlists, no missed work/school days, no distracting paperwork.

  • Lightwell Therapy

    Too busy for traditional therapy? Does the thought of scheduling yet another appointment leave you feeling overwhelmed? Lightwell offers an innovative solution. Using Lightwell’s online platform, they create individualized programs that are tailored to your unique mental wellness goals. Complete your program independently, anytime, anywhere. Their services are covered by most health benefits providers.

  • Tranquility

    Feeling anxious or down? Tranquility makes getting help easy and convenient! Get the support you need to finally conquer your anxiety or depression with online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)—without the expense and inconvenience of traditional therapies.

    Receive 15% off Tranquility services as a GOeVisit member.

  • Curves

    Curves has helped women around the world get healthier and stronger with their unique fitness solution. In just 30 minutes, you work every major muscle group through a proven gym program of strength training, cardio and stretching. Curves offers a wide range of programs, including one-on-one coaching, workouts, health & wellness and nutrition coaching.

    Receive 20% off a Curves in person or online membership as a GOeVisit member.

  • Curtis Health

    Curtis Health is passionate about reaching new heights of fitness, health and wellness. They deliver innovative, creative and challenging wellness and fitness programs that are supported by preventative and targeted risk reduction systems. At the core of everything they do is the belief that fun and challenging programs yield the best results. With 30 years of service excellence, Curtis delivers optimum results with a professionally proven wellness and fitness foundation and fresh, creative and diverse programs that inspire interest and participation. Through this, they can take your company, employees, and facilities to a higher level of experience and excellence.

  • 12 Weeks to Wellness

    It's never been more important than right now to make space for health and wellness in your life and to take the time you need to look after you. 12 Weeks to Wellness & Health Coaching is a unique program designed to restore balance, reduce stress, and improve confidence. 12 Weeks to Wellness offers both group and individual coaching to help you reach your wellness goals in the areas of stress management, healthy eating, fitness, and so much more!

  • RemoteDerm

    RemoteDerm is an online Canadian dermatology consultation platform offering fast, convenient, affordable and secure online help for your skin concerns. In the comfort of your home, Canadian Board Certified Dermatologists diagnose your skin conditions and fax prescriptions to your pharmacy. No wait time or doctor referral is needed to see a dermatologist!